Monday, 22 June 2009

Carrie Loves...moshi-moshi

Carrie Loves...

And also found this

Popper madness

The worst thing about the moshi factory is the popper issue. It is the least favourite of my jobs. I could sew all day, and most of the evening come to that, but I always put off the poppers till the last, and then of course have to sew on loads at once. My girls always have dresses that are merely pinned at the back, like all the models on the photoshoots, with pegs and bulldog clips holding their clothes on.

Today was a big day for orders and it took me ages to do all my posting, got distracted at several points, or could that have been procrastination, so had a look at my button drawer and wondered what to do with my lovely old mother of pearl buttons.

Finished off the day sticking fabric into my notebook, so that I don't forget what it is I want to make from everything.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

All in a days work

Get up in the morning and check the internet

Write a list of things to do, and start the day. My studio is a great inspiration, there are always pics and bits and pieces around that have given me ideas throughout the week.

Fabric and new thread from my friendly local material shop.

My little Mannequin, made from fimo, and some found in charity shops.

My thread spool holder, which is brilliant.

My corkboard inspiration.