Sunday, 15 May 2011

A day in Hay-on-Wye

I love going to Hay on Wye, the shops are always so inspiring and there is much vintage goodness to be rummaged through and inspiring books to peruse. Yesterday's trip was particularly peachy as it yielded a great many fabulous goodies. Some things to make things with, some things to read, some things to wear and some things just to wonder at.

This beautiful child's dress was lovely, in one of my favourite vintage shops in Hay. Lok at the amazing smocking and the colour combination is just perfect.

The Vogue's Guide to Dressmaking, a wonderful bossy little booklet from the 1930's which is full of fantastic tips for the stylish and thrifty woman.

Vintage mother of pearl buttons and some incredibly tiny baby ones!

The Wendy Multi Needle, with full instructions to make pretty flowers. I think it is a kind of flower loom actually and have already found a flickr group for other people who have these, from the 1960's I think.