Sunday, 27 February 2011

Colston girls School

Well, the first part of the project is now finished. It took three days to complete, although I only cleaned up the edges on Thursday and touched up a few bits.

I used Acrylic paint and matt medium to paint on the walls, having first roughly mapped out the drawing in pencil. This was quite a change from the way I did my drawings for the MA show as I drew directly on to the walls in that case, but I was aware of the need to get it right for the school and also the time frame meant that I had to plan it out.

I am really pleased with the outcome and hope that the girls like it too.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Colston Girls School, Bristol, Day 1

I am working on a commission in Bristol this week, and today was my first day installing the piece. Went well, and tomorrow I will be putting in the ship and hopefully getting it near completion.

The nice thing about being an artist is that generally people are very interested in what you are doing, so all day I have had different people coming up and chatting to me about the work and being very encouraging. Even the poor caretakers who had to move a cupboard that had been bolted to the wall because of some miscommunication were very kind. It would have obscured the painting, but now it is fine.