Friday, 28 May 2010

Some of my other dolls

Una moof, Licca Jenny and unknown naked girl I call Godiva, Betsy McCall


I Love Paris

Who wouldn't?

Visited with my husband last week, and had a lovely time. We have both returned confirmed francophiles, and want to live our lives like parisiennes from now on. Paris seems so civilised, one can sit in cafes and watch the world go by, even walking through the streets is a joy because the buildings are so magnificent. The Tuileries Gardens were beautiful, little cafes under the trees and people drawing the statues, or just strolling through the gardens, looking elegant and summery. French women are so stylish and look so coordinated, it puts one to shame to think how lazy we can be in the UK (I speak for myself of course, though I do try). I love the attention to detail in almost all things, the food is made from excellent ingredients, the coffee is always good, and people say Bonjour, women's shoes match there outfits and the mean are groomed and cool looking. Fantastique!

Selvedge Inspiration

As you know I love Selvedge magazine and though it is expensive it is a fabulous resource for a fabric and textile addict like me. There is a brilliant article this month on Paper Artist Isabelle Borchgrave, whose dresses and shoes are wonderful. It boggles the mind to see how she makes paper so fluid and creates such amazing things. They have an incredible delicacy to them.