Friday, 7 February 2014

And the winner is ….

Chosen at 5.30 PM, I was a little late. But the winner is number 7, Jillybug. Congratulations, I will be in touch soon, xx

Final list for the moshi Giveaway

  1. malkama
  2. Studio Cultural Cristina Bottallo
  3. Begoña Miguens
  4. Deeya
  5. Love_cats
  6. sagwayum
  7. Jillybug
  8. Luisa Mazoteras
  9. Rosessimone
  10. Herzlichkeiten
  11. Juwel -of-hope
  12. Stancioli
  13. Kathleen Seddon
  14. Janelle Wind
  15. Cammy Thomas
  16. Karinf
  17. Magdalena Dymnicka
18 Filipa
19 Linda
20 Miriana
21 Claribari
22 Amy Kitchen
23 Desiree Dietzel
24 Di2Quilt
25 Rosa solomon
26 Takudaaa
27 Jaqueline
28 KarMun
29 Kifkif
30 Ely
31 Nicola Schenk
32 Cristina
33 Urshula
34 Vicky Loveljoy
35 Isabella the cat
36 Lyn Petty
37 FeatherStitch
38 Kayjay
39 Giovanna Graves
40 dollinka
42 Cosmia
43 Shelly Selwood
44 Moldar
45 Glitterbat
46 InkyTonka
47 Honorata
48 Piparrot
49 Sarah K
50 Zoe favole
51 Maribel
52 Moomin

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Dear Everyone, 

the start of my year did not go too well, I had a stay in hospital with pyelonephritis,which left me feeling worn out and in need of some real convalescence. But one of the things that really fortified me while I was in hospital and after I came home was how amazingly kind people were to leave me lovely comments and many good wishes. This was really special to me, so as a little gift back me and my elves are doing another of our moshi-giveaways. This is the prototype of one of the outfits I made for LejourB in Paris before Christmas, and so if you would like a chance to win it, just leave a comment at the end of this post. It would be great if you could leave your flickr name too, so that I can get in touch with the winner at the end of the week. I will pick a winner using on Friday 7th February. Good luck everyone, and thank you, from me and the little moshi-elves!