Wednesday, 18 September 2013

And the Winner is...

Here is the final list. I removed two duplicate comments.



Desiree Dietzel 
MINI JIJO Handmade Dolls Clothing 
Amy Kitchen 
10 Mariana Batistello
11 Lawdeda 
12 Matylda Matyllola 
13 roz 
14 Vickie E 
15 fishknees
16 claribari 
17 Leana Susen Rangel 
18 Moomin 
19 Vane Laredo 
20 BMG 
21 Mariana 
22 mineizclouds 
23 Sarah K
24 Aurora 
25 Marcos 
26 KittyDoll 
27 Phillaine 
28 Deb Hansen
29  Nikola 
30 cammy thomas 
31 Shelley Selwood 
32 Samantha Cheung 
33 Ellis Hui 
34 Le Café au Chocolat
35 Wirsmom 
36 Jacqueline 
37 YaOwl 
38 แวะเวียน เขาใหญ่ 
39 Kristy 
40 Karen 
41 Honorata 
42 Urshula 
43 dollinka 
45 Pao B. 
46 An-i-ka 
47 Issabella The Cat 
48 Ditsy Print 
49 Katie Fujii 
50 InkyTonka 
51 Lyn Petty 
52 Sioux 
53 Trio for Blythe 
54 Pippa 
55 Raven Mathis 
56 Bamptonia 
57 featherStitch 
58 rosessimone 
59 Anne Blythe 
60 Ang-e 
61  puppy52doll 

The random number generator at picked No. 33 Ellis Hui. So please Ellis, get in touch by sending me a message on my etsy  shop and we can sort out postage details etc. And congratulations! Thanks everyone else for taking part and leaving me such lovely comments, its been brilliant!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Moshi Give-away

I will pick the winner tomorrow mid-day, and post the name of the winner here, so check back then so I can get in touch with the winner about postage details etc.

Hilary xx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Moshi-Give away!

This week I am giving away the Wednesday dress. If you would like to take part in this little tombola please leave a comment at the end of post and I will pick the winner using on wednesday 18th September, next week.