Monday, 28 September 2009

Lola, the face of Moshi-Moshi

A customer of mine recently said that they thought of Lola as the face of Moshi-moshi, so here she is in all her It Girl loveliness. She is a customised Saffy.

New fabrics..

I recently went to New York and was able to go shopping for fabrics that I usually can only get over the internet. It was so great to be able to lay things out next to each other and see how they looked. Came back with a fabulous stash. Also my local fabric shop has been doing some gorgeous new lines too, so I feel like I am spoilt for choice at the moment.

I should probably sort out some of my fabric into scrap pieces for some other people to use as I have way too much.

Yesterday I was feeling bored and decided to cover my IKEA drawers with old maps. I think it turned out quite well.