Monday, 31 October 2011

Florence in October

Perfectly composed bicycles

Perfect Coffee

The somewhat shabby back of the Pitti Palace

The window of Gilli's

Vasari's tunnel from the Uffizi

Mini patchwork

I have been wanting to make some mini patchworks for ages, so as usual I save all my scraps and now have started to make these. The squares start off at about 3cm before they are sewn. I think I could make them smaller but I need to do the patchwork properly for that to work. I love how the vintage fabrics go together, that's the pink one.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Vintage trimmings

There is a lovely VIntage Shop in Cardiff called "A Vintage Affair" it is in the Morgan Arcade. It is a lovely shop on two floors and packed to it's chintzy gunnels with every kind of vintage loveliness. Clothes, mens and women's, as well as haberdashery and jewelry, table linens and bric-a-brac. I love this shop and recently they have added a huge selection of really gorgeous vintage trimmings. This was the little horde I picked up on my last visit. Can't wait to get stitching! Oh and also a little visit to John Lewis for crochet supplies and thread.

Back to Work...

After the busy-ness that preceded Blythecon UK, I came back from London with a terrible stinky cold. The underground was crowded and the weather was unusually warm so I reckon there was a veritable swamp of opportunist germs just waiting to pounce on my tired immune system. It is always the way I think when you have been working hard that you seem to be able to keep going and then as soon as it finishes that's when you get flu or a cold.

I sniffed and coughed for a week, and pumped my body full of every cold remedy going, followed by daily helpings of Beroca multivitamins and finally got back to work. I have lots of new ideas following BCUK, but slowly they are coming together. I need two of me to get them all sewn. But I have been enjoying the new fabrics from Bath and must have another inspirational visit soon.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Vintage patterns

I feel a real nostalgia for the clothes of the seventies as they bring back memories of my mum cutting out fabrics in the dining room and sewing her clothes and mine too. There was something so exciting in turning a length of fabric into a dress or a pair of trousers and my mum used to make all sorts of lovely things. I remember particularly a blue trouser suit in broderie anglaise I think, and dresses with contrasting sleeves. Mum used to give me her fabric scraps and I would make them into very primitive clothes for my tiny dolls.