Thursday, 7 January 2010

World of Interiors.....

The glossy magazine that is World of Interiors is like a naughty secret, like another type of glossy mag that one hides away guiltily. I cannot afford any of the things in WOI, it is not about people who live like I do, they are in a league of their own where one can contemplate curtain fabrics that are over £100 per meter, and french antiques are mixed with paintings by de Kooning and persian rugs.

I am though an addict, I have been taking this magazine for years and I have whole shelves dedicated to these volumes because I cannot throw any of them out. I love the pictures of chairs and the colours and the articles about strange and wonderful craftspeople or eccentric artists who have decorated their whole house with pictures of shells or something.

It is an inspiration for drawings, patterns, colour schemes and my own home in it's own modest way. So here are some of the lovely things that have caught my eye in recent months.


wastedpapiers said...

Hello - are you the same Hilary Wagstaff that is doing the latest ISSUE with Rick Cox etc.?

inkygirl said...

Yes I am! How funny. Have you been involved in issue too?