Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Busy busy busy!

Pics: Wonderful old shop front in Soho, now a gallery. Crazy Hairdressers window display. Liberty Flower stall.

I am not quite sure what has happened to this week, but I am reminded of a Jane Austen's Mrs Bennet saying, "I am all behind like a ducks tail". This is very much how I have been feeling for about a week now. At the weekend I had a trip to Bath to stock up on fabric and then Monday and Tuesday I was in London, visiting family and also stocking up on some Liberty supplies. The result is that not much sewing has been done without me to boss the elves and I am now off to Bristol tomorrow to hopefully finish my commission at Colstons Girls School. Time to give the old trusty Bertha, my friendly Singer sewing machine a bit of a rest then, and just when I am itching to use my new stash. Never mind, postage all done today and this week will make me even more keen next week.

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