Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring colours and indecision..

This week has been an odd one, I started off with loads of ideas and then got distracted with redecorating my studio. And then once I got down to some proper work I changed my mind about all sorts of things I had planned. It's all come together now, but things I thought would work I was unhappy with and was then oddly inspired just as I was thinking I might go to bed! This is why I take my notebook to bed so that I can jot down any last minute inspiration before the thoughts disappear with sleep.

I wanted lots of flowery spring colours this week and had some gorgeous florals that were just desperate to be sewn, The weather had perked up and there was sunshine in my studio in the late afternoons. I also did a major overhaul of my fabric stash and that always gets me going in fresh directions.

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