Friday, 19 October 2012

Busy busy busy.....

Well, what a busy week we have had in the moshi studio. I decided to start on a bumper crop of rive gauche dresses, so for the shop and also later some for Le Jour B in Paris this December. This is such a pretty pattern, and inspired by some cute designs in the YSL Colouring book I bought in Florence.

FInished Dresses

Dresses in Progress 
And the other job I have been busy with today is sorting out postage and packaging for this week, which always takes up a huge part of the day. But all done now, and in the hands of the Royal Mail to wing them to their destinations.


Sewing on Poppers

Sorting ready for packaging

I hope that I will be on schedule to update the shop on Wednesday this week. I still have a few things that I am working on. 


Ang-e said...

Love them all!!! Also, thanks for the awesome desktop backgrounds ;)

Care said...

Oh how I hope to one day have one of those lovely dresses!!!!

Your work and your photos are so beautiful!

inkygirl said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, it is always appreciated.