Friday, 25 January 2013

Taking a week off...

I am having a little break till 4th Feb, so will be off on my travels tomorrow. I am packing lots of crochet wool and hopefully will be making some sweaters while I am away. January is a month of tedious chores, tax returns to fill in and then tax to pay and I hate sums so this is a real trial for me. So after all that nasty homework I need a little holiday, but I have been busy sewing and thinking so will be ready with my needle and scissors when I get back. See you later alligators xx


Nicola Schenk said... a while crocodile :)

Have a nice time!! Hugs, Nicola

Leana Susen Rangel said...

In time, I hope ;) Happy New Year!!!
I wish you all the best dear Hilary :)
I wish you a great time resting and traveling with your family :)))
I can't wait to see what you create for our girls when you come back ^^!
Biggest hug and love!