Thursday, 15 December 2011

moshi-moshi Blythe

Pilvi at sunrisezowie <3ADaD2O11:344/365Mint.Brisk Morning for Some Nice Bicciwhere the cold wind blows
ADaD2O11:332/365Bimba - FrFr Custom by CocomicchiHoney*MielBrianna  129/365 Bl♥vedADaD2O11:327/365Bean in an AWESOME Shirt By Moshi Moshi
Lily AfterWhere Timber is Most Comfortable 212/365 BL♥VEDPeaceful WoodsTimber in MoshiAutumnBabette <3
Addison Gray <3Ever feel like you're being watched?Morgane:)

moshi-moshi Blythe, a group on Flickr.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the lovely people who post their pics in the moshi-moshi pool. I love seeing everyone's girls in their clothes, it' s so lovely to be inspired by all the beautiful girls out there and the awesome photos taken by their owners. Thank you so much everyone. xxx

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O. said...

they are so cute, i love them all!!!