Sunday, 11 December 2011

moshi update..

The wind up to Christmas is starting now. I have battled with town and bought wrapping paper and gift tags and new lights for the tree. I have perused my cookery books and started to plan what I will cook, and the list writing is well underway. Amazon are on hand to deliver books and dvd's, my mum and dad's presents are posted and the other presents are ready and waiting to be wrapped.

I have to go to Colstons School next week to paint the last wall of my commission there, so the drawings have been sent off and approved and I just need to get my paints and pencils ready now.

All this has meant less time for sewing, but I have made some middie dresses and now have completed 5 shirt and tie sets which will be in the shop 5pm (British time) Monday. I will try and do some more sewing today, I have dresses in my head that are just dying to get out and fabric waiting to be cut...

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