Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Anthropologie Inspiration

I love the clothes in Anthropologie and their style in general. I suppose their style is closest to my own aesthetic both in my home and my clothes. I fell in love with them from afar years ago and am so glad you can now go to Anthropologie in London. What a treat.

These trousers were such a beautiful colour and style that I had to make a mini version.


andie said...

Anthro will delight your inspirations! I am so glad that that they have come home to you in England! Now our blythe dolls can be dressed just as pretty when you come across something that impresses you from the store of Anthropologie!

XO Andie

mineizclouds said...

I am in awe even of Anthropologie display windows! Your designs actually really do remind me of Anthropologie catalogs now that I think of it. It's not just the clothes but the packaging and the backgrounds of your studio photographs as well. You have a very beautiful focused and consistent but unique vision for how Blythe dresses.
: )