Friday, 8 June 2012

Fabric flower tutorial

These little flowers are great for using up scraps of fabric and can be used in lots of creative ways. Make brooches, hairpins or use to embellish bags or purses.

Cut out circles of fabric, these are about 3 cm discs but you can make them bigger too. I am going to attempt some really tiny ones soon, just to see how small they can be made. 

Fold a disc in half and then in half again to make a little fan, stitch through the pointy end to secure. Don't cast off. 

Stitch each fan to the centre of a disc of fabric and continue adding petals in this way. Use a couple of tiny stitches to secure each petal. 

Carry on adding petals until it has reached the desired level of fluffyness for your taste. 

You now need to get some pretty seed beads for the centre of the flower and stitch in as many as you want to create a nice little bunch. I have used a mixture of shapes and colours to tone with the pale pink petals.
Make lots on a wet afternoon, and get prettifying all sorts of craft projects. Hope you enjoy!


Lynne said...

This is darling! I can't wait to see teeny tiny ones adorning Moshi Moshi tops or coats ... :D

And I hope your poor ailing sewing machine is all healed! ♥

inkygirl said...

Thank you, it is all fixed now.