Thursday, 5 July 2012

Blythecon Berlin

It is starting to feel a bit more normal in the Moshi studio after our escapades in Berlin. Blythecon was brilliant and though the day was extremely hot and I thought I would melt I think like I spent most of the day smiling because I had such a great time. Dolly people are lovely, and it was so good to meet in the flesh people who I have only spoken to on the internet before. Berlin too was a revelation. I have not visited the city since I was 19 and the wall was still up and my husband and I fell in love with the city. There is such a wonderful atmosphere and I will definitely be visiting again soon. I got to speak my rubbish german to lots of people, I hope I made myself understood and I apologize retrospectively for the terrible mistakes I made. It is a long time since I had to use it so thats my excuse. The event was brilliantly organized and I cannot imagine what hard work must have gone into making it such an excellent day. 

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