Monday, 25 February 2013

"Alpine Wonders"

A collaboration between MforMonkey and Moshi-moshi

Hilary and Mary have worked together to make this adorable limited edition little set consisting of a pair of delectable Lederhosen, a dinky cap sleeved blouse, cozy felt coat and a gorgeous Tyrolean hat.
There will be two different color schemes available (Yellow and Pink) and only two of each made, giving a total of four sets. To make it more accessible to everybody, we'll be listing them on different places and hours. On Tuesday 26th February one Pink set will be up on eBay for three days, ending on Friday. During the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd March, one Yellow and one Pink will be available at Moshi-moshi's Etsy shop. The last Yellow set will be up on eBay from Tuesday 5th March, ending also on Friday. 

Hope you will like our little project, it has been a lovely experience to work together and I think we've come up with something really special.

Special drawing by me Hilary, and photography by Mary of MforMonkey. You can find Mary  here and her photostream on flickr is here

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JudyK said...

Hi Hilary! Well, you know I love your work, would you give us your eBay link?