Sunday, 17 February 2013

Special Custom order Rive Gauche Dresses

If you are on the list for a custom order dress please head over to my etsy shop to pick up your listing. Dresses will be made to order in a choice of ginghams with liberty ties chosen by me, in keeping with the unique nature of each dress.

This is the list, I have added two more as I had a bit more interest than anticipated,

  1. pip 
  2. Sarah K 
  3. Ellis Hui 
  4. Vickie E 
  5. Roxie315 
  6. Tracey Marsden 
  7. Ditsy Print 
  8. Amber Chan 
  9. simmiau 
  10. Theresa S 
  11. Karinf 
  12. patateofeu 

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